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Police and crime

Our police do all they can. But there are not enough police to cover our area and enforce the law.   Better communications from Derbyshire, working with other authorities, would help stop crime, along with other Green policies. Not only the police but also other organisations need more capacity to turn people away from crime.  

Green councillors would work for

  • As well as policing crimes such as burglary and abuse, more officers specifically to tackle rural crime such as theft from farms, and wildlife crime such as illegal persecution of birds of prey.

  • More traffic police to enforce regulations such as speed limits and help make our roads safer

  • Working with other organisations to provide more activities for young people to lead them away from crime, coupled with better public transport so they can travel to local towns and cities for recreation

  • Working with the Peak District National Park for more rangers, including volunteers, and better education of visitors

  • Better communications between local communities, police and other agencies.

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