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Nature and wildlife

Most people in the UK love nature, yet even in a rural place like Derbyshire, including in the Peak Park, it is declining rapidly. House building on green field sites (rather than within existing settlements), road building, quarrying – all these contribute to the decline of nature and reduce the green spaces which are essential for our well-being.

  • Work with partners, including landowners, to create an interconnected network of habitats across Derbyshire, protected to the level where nature can flourish

  • Manage public land, including road verges and parks, for a rich mix of species

  • Full assessment of the impact of policies on habitats and wildlife

  • Give access to green space for everyone, through expanding and protecting them.

  • Oppose culling of wild animals in the whole of Derbyshire; there are other alternatives where nature has become unbalanced

  • Communicate the impact of human activity on individual species and their habitats  

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