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Roads and traffic

Derbyshire needs to change its policies to respond much better to local knowledge and local needs, and the challenge of climate change.  We need to reduce car use to make our communities safer and to reduce pollution in towns and rural areas, so we must have good alternatives to cars. To achieve this the Council must work with local communities, public transport providers, the Peak Park and other organisations. It must build staff skills to draw up really good plans in order to secure more funding.

Green Councillors would work for:

  • A network of safe routes for cycling and walking, including using government funding in our area

  • Hourly, reliable, affordable public transport, including rural bus services taking local people where they need to go, for work, social visits, recreation, shopping and other everyday purposes.

  • new ways to manage public transport to link our towns and villages, based on good data about where people travel.

  • Safety first, not after several accidents or fatalities, as is currently Derbyshire’s policy.

  • 20 mph limits in residential areas, working with the 20’s Plenty Campaign   

  • Roads kept in good repair, for the safety of all users

  • No new roads; it has been shown that new roads do not reduce congestion or pollution, but simply encourage more car use.  Money for roads would be better spent on other things.

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