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Health and social care

The County Council has an important role in helping people stay healthy, and providing support for those who need it.  Our experience through the Covid pandemic has shown how hard people work in the caring professions, but also how much health workers and carers themselves need support.  We all recognise that 'prevention is better than cure', but too often there has not been the commitment to prevention that is needed.  And we recognise that a healthy lifestyle is usually good for the environment. 

 A Green councillor would:

  • Make sure that all major Council projects have a formal Health Impact Assessment undertaken, so that they are designed and implemented in ways that make the population healthier

  • Support the Council's Public Health team in projects such as Active Derbyshire, helping people to stay healthy

  • Green social prescribing: time in nature to help people’s, physical and mental health

  • Fight for more resources for Public Health, including for a locally run 'test and trace' programme

  • Work both within the Council and with NHS partners to promote the integration of health and social care

  • Argue for more funding for social care to ensure social care staff are properly rewarded for their hard work and to fill staffing gaps

  • Strengthen Council oversight of private social care providers to ensure the highest quality of care, as the people of Derbyshire deserve! 

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