Manifesto for High Peak Borough Council Elections 2nd May 2019

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Everyone needs an affordable, secure, warm home. Instead of the one-size-fits-all solutions of large developers, we will encourage new, local approaches to housing. Community-led housing projects are creative and varied. Better houses can be built, by small and medium local firms.

All new developments need to have good access to services. We will work with partners to make sure they are served by decent public transport

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Our planet does not have unending natural resources or unending capacity to break down the things we discard.  Many of the things that we throw away are valuable resources that could be reused or recycled.


We know that many people in High Peak are very concerned about the problems caused by disposal of waste, in particular plastic. The Green Party proposes practical steps to reduce waste and increase recycling.

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We are privileged to live in a beautiful area. The High Peak is visited by millions of visitors every year and so tourism and hospitality are an important part of our local economy.  However, the needs of visitors sometimes conflict with those of residents. 


The Green Party will work with partners, most importantly local communities and the Peak District National Park Authority, to protect our green spaces for current and future residents.

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There is a lot of potential for local government to influence energy production and use. 

Green Party Councillors will work hard to change the way we produce and use energy locally. We aim to replace fossil fuels with more efficient use of electricity and heat, from renewable energy.  This will be cheaper in the longer term. It will bring health and social benefits, for example, from reduced air pollution and increased employment.

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Climate change is here and all levels of government need to recognise that actions taken so far and commitments already made are just not enough to see us safely through this crisis.

All Green Party policies are based on delivering a sustainable future that will be fair and prosperous for all. As we face this emergency, we call on everyone to adopt the measures for  transforming our society  that the Green Party has long advocated. 

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Our high streets are dying due to competition from online shopping, huge supermarkets and big business chains, many owned by foreign companies. Small businesses are at the heart of thriving communities and are vital in preventing our towns and villages becoming dormitories for our neighbouring cities. 

Better information and support from the council can help existing small businesses and encourage those thinking of starting a business to take the leap and realise their dreams.  

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Find out what elected Green councillors are doing all around the country.  

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