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Joanna Collins
High peak Borough Councillor for Hope valley

Charlotte Farrell

High peak Borough Councillor for Hope valley


Joanna Collins HPBC statement March 2022


On Climate Change, Vision Derbyshire has produced a plan for Derbyshire local authorities working together. It's frankly so general as to be meaningless.

The Council has retrofitted a few Council houses. Its funding from central government, short government deadlines  and other constraints such as lack of skilled tradespeople did not allow the Council to do more, thought it seems to want to, for social and environmental reasons.  however, there is another round of funding which might help extend this to private landlords. I asked a question re the Council using some of its reserves for retrofitting and was told that this all depends on grants (I don't agree but may have misunderstood technical regulations round use of budgets. )

The Council has issued an updated policy on engaging with private landlords where accommodation is below standard. People can report this to the Council, who has powers to act. A good policy, but I asked about how they will communicate this to the general public. However, like many small Councils it lacks staff and I am not sure what it an realistically do.


My main conclusion is that HPBC is willing, but bureaucratic and desperately sort of money and capacity.