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Economy and finance

We need a strong local economy which provides local jobs, supports local businesses and encourages new, green ideas.  Funding should be redirected from polluting activities such as road building to education, health and social care and decarbonising the economy. Derbyshire’s budget is around £500 million; how it is spent can make a difference.

A Green Councillor would therefore work to:

  • use local companies for Derbyshire’s own procurement wherever possible 

  • Prioritise funding for education, health and social care and greening the economy

  • Support green jobs for house-building, retrofitting existing homes and green energy production. 

  • Support small and innovative businesses with advice, premises, good broadband, help with costs

  • help people into self-employment

  • Divest Council funds from fossil fuels and other risky investments which harm people and the environment

  • Press for openness about how public money is spent and where it is invested

  • where allowed by central government, press for higher council taxes for larger properties

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