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Education is about the whole person, not just one set of knowledge and skills. Schools should look after the whole child and help all children develop their talents. But education is not only about schools. It should be available to anyone.  Learning new skills can improve people’s well-being at all stages of their life, as well as giving them new skills for employment, volunteering and enriching their lives.

To achieve this, Green councillors will work for education and training which provide: 

  • Well-being and social skills

  • Both Practical and academic skills, for every child’s needs

  • Understanding of our place in the world and in nature

  • More guidance and support from the Council to school staff, so schools can meet every child’s needs

  • Post-16 training in skills for the future for young people and anyone who needs to update their skills. There are currently skills gaps in green construction and renewable energy.

  • Much more Adult Education, for reskilling and for improving people’s social connections and well-being. This could be fee-paying but subsidised for those on low incomes.     

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