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Robyn Summers for Glossop and Charlesworth




Robyn Summers has lived in the Glossopdale area for 6 years and has had valuable insight to the issues that the local area is facing. She has been involved in local green politics and previously stood for Hadfield North in the 2019 local elections.





The "affordable" housing that has been built in the High Peak is not affordable.  More social housing and essential services need to be built, instead of the large, expensive housing estates, which are choking our infrastructure, causing increasing traffic issues, and pollution in our environment. We are a proud and independent community and we need a Green voice.

As a disabled person, I regularly need to use public transport. Like many others, I find it increasingly difficult to get around due to the lack of transport links to other areas. We need to improve not only the accessibility of public transport, but also its green credentials.


As your Green councillor, I would continually look to engage with the community to find the issues facing the area."

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