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High peak green party statement - Proposed road

Tuesday 28th November

High Peak Green Party has released a statement today about the proposed road building plan in Glossopdale.

High Peak Green Party is disappointed with last week’s court judgement about the proposed A57
Link Roads Scheme. We disagree that the benefits of the scheme outweigh its adverse effects,
including its harm to the Green Belt. The judgement concluded that these benefits included reduced
congestion and improved journey time through Hollingworth and Tintwistle. We cannot see how this
can be the case given that the proposed scheme doesn’t by-pass these long-suffering communities
at all. They would have benefited far more from a ban on heavy vehicles.
Glossop is likely to see an increase in traffic if the new roads are built, of particular concern to
residents in Dinting, already suffering from particularly poor air quality, as recently recognised by
High Peak Borough Council. The new roads are also likely to bring additional traffic over the Snake
Pass, a potentially dangerous development along a road which is subject to landslips and adverse
Contrary to media reports the legal action is not yet over. The judge is yet to rule on the climate
impacts of the proposed scheme and is waiting for the outcome of a similar legal challenge
elsewhere in the country.
No final legal decision will be made until early next year. In any event, and regardless of the
outcome, the Green Party, both locally and nationally, will continue to argue that the solution to
traffic congestion and air pollution is not in road building but rather in cheaper and greener public
transport provision, and that this is how money set aside for road building should be spent.

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