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Recycling Bins

 Joanna collins - Recycling in high peak 

High Peak Green Party Councillor, Joanna Collins on recycling in High Peak

Recycling and reuse in High Peak.
Reduce, reuse, recycle. The best is to reduce; consumption is the biggest driver of climate change. However, we can’t simply stop consuming. This list is a guide to what you can do when you have finished with stuff – how to make sure it is reused or recycled.

  • PLEASE don’t put recycling in plastic bags before it goes in the brown bin, even compostable bags. They contaminate the recycling.

  • If you aren’t sure whether something can be recycled in your brown bin, put it in your black bin with your

  • general waste. Contaminated loads cannot to be recycled.

  • Wash food packaging before recycling.

  • See for details of what goes in your brown bin.

  • See and for more on recycling, and for in-depth discussion of how things are produced, consumed, and disposed of.

Where to recycle
Food and drink cans aerosols, metal lids for glass jars
Brown Bin
Plastic food packaging (hard): tubs, pots
Brown Bin
Plastic food packaging (soft film): bags, veg wrap, bread wrap, plastic magazine wrapping etc
Aldi, Iceland, Morrisons, Waitrose
Crisp packets, sweet wrappers, bubble wrap, cling film
Waitrose, Iceland in Buxton
Foil and foil containers
Brown Bin
Press small bits of foil together to make a tennis-ball-sized lump
Food and drink cartons (Tetrapak etc)
Brown Bin
Glass bottles & jars
Brown Bin
Garden waste (weeds, clippings etc)
Green Bin or Compost Heap
No plastic bags please
Blister packs (pills)
Asthma Inhalers
Any pharmacy
Don't put them in the bin - they release green house gases as they break down
Food waste
Green Bin or Compost Heap
Wood - including treated
Waterswallows Recycling Centre
Waterswallows Household Waste Recycling Waterswallows Industrial Estate Waterswallows Road SK17 7JR
Small electrical items
Kerbside, with bins
To book a collection see
All electrical items
Glossopdale Furniture Project, some charity shops
Phones and computers refurbishes IT equipment less than five years old.
PCRefurb Glossop
Refurbishes IT equipment less than five years old.
Oxfam Buxton, other charity shops
Some opticians
Clothes and other textiles
Charity shops, Waterswallows
Baby Essentials
High Peak Baby Bank
Plastic bottles (drinks, household cleaners, shampoo, toiletries)
Brown Bin
Put pumps on bottles in black bin (they’re made of a different plastic).
Paper & card
Brown Bin
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