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Agreement reached between High Peak Green Party and High Peak Labour Party for the Whaley Bridge By

Updated: May 21, 2020

An electoral agreement has been reached between High Peak Green Party and High Peak Labour Party whereby the Green Party candidate, Lucas Jones, will stand aside for Labour’s Ruth George at the upcoming Whaley Bridge by-election.

The two parties have committed to further talks ahead of the Derbyshire County Council elections in 2021 and the High Peak Borough Council elections in 2023.

If elected, Ruth George has also committed to working with local Green Party members on a range of common issues.

Green Party candidate for Whaley Bridge, Lucas Jones has said

“I am pleased to see Ruth's commitment to work together on an ongoing basis as part of a local progressive alliance; I believe this is the way forward in politics and it was extremely encouraging to see the Labour Party looking to engage with us in this way. Having had a detailed conservation with Ruth, I am extremely confident that if elected she will promote the policies that are so close to my own heart, and we will be able to work together in Whaley Bridge on issues such as sustainable travel, local flood management and fighting the housing development off Macclesfield Road”.

Labour’s Ruth George said

“I know that Lucas and I share many concerns and I look forward to further discussions about how we can work together in the interests of local people, including climate change and fracking. “High Peak Labour borough councillors are already working with local Green councillors on common issues and jointly put forward the motion declaring a climate emergency.”

The Green Party believe that only by working together, will progressive parties be able to make headway on local and national issues such as climate breakdown and social justice. We are pleased, that for the upcoming local elections, the Labour party have agreed to work with us to form a truly bilateral electoral alliance.

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