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Action on the climate emergency

Plans for action on the climate emergency, which was declared last year in October, will be included in High Peak Borough Counci's l planning for the next financial year, 2020-2021. There’s been some delay to this due to the election and Christmas and New Year Break.

There will be a workshop of local environmental and sustainability groups on 15th October. Groups such as Transition Buxton, Hope Valley Climate Action and Sustainable Hayfield will be represented and will have an opportunity to discuss how our communities can support and enhance the council's initiatives for facing the climate and biodiversity crises.

A council working group has been created and its first meeting will be on 30th January.

Meanwhile the Council is consulting on priorities for the Corporate Plan to help form the budget for next year and subsequent years. Parish councils have been asked to respond, and individuals can also do so. You can find the consultation here The Climate Change aim is the last one in the plan.

The more people who give this the highest ranking, the more likely we are to get Council funding for climate action. So, please do respond. In all categories, there's a chance to include comments, that can also stress the importance of considering the climate emergency in all developments.

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