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EU Elections: A Grand Day Out

On Saturday our local EU election candidate, Daniel Wimberley, took a (public) bus tour around some of the High Peak to talk to people about the upcoming election - and it was a great success!

Seventeen folk took part in the tour, first meeting in in Glossop at 10am, where members and supporters turned out in force to help hand out leaflets. The weather held out and generally there was a very positive response, so it was a great start to the day.

After an hour, the 61 bus was boarded and leafletting carried on in New Mills, before another bus was boarded and it was on to Whaley Bridge for an hour of engaging with locals on the street. Then it was on to Buxton where we had another session before finishing for the day around 3pm as the rain finally came down.

Overall we were very pleased by the turnout in all four towns and felt there was an excellent response from the public, with a lot of positive and encouraging remarks. It was good to feel part of an up and coming Green wave - now let's see what happens.

Don't forget to vote for us on Thursday 23 May!

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