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EU Elections: come & meet our local Green Party candidate on 18 May

These are exciting times. We haven't even finished celebrating the election of our two Green Borough Councillors and we're the in middle of another election!

We have a list of excellent candidates for the European elections on 23rd May. One of whom, Daniel Wimberley, is a member of High Peak Green Party and a resident of Bamford. The Green Party is rising in the polls and we have a great chance to show that Green policies cannot be ignored. Daniel has identified areas in the High Peak as some of the most likely to vote Green. So, now we need to get that vote out.

On Saturday 18th May, Daniel and other members of High Peak Green Party will be out campaigning in town centres across High Peak. So why not come along to meet him and find out about the campaign to get Greens elected to the European Parliament?

We had three great MEPs in the last parliament, let's see whether we can add one from the East Midlands!

In keeping with our policy of demanding greater investment in public transport, Daniel will be travelling by bus on this tour. You can either join us on the bus or simply meet us in one of the following towns to collect posters for yourself and your friends to display in your windows.

Our tour on Saturday 18 May includes:

  • Glossop outside the market hall at between 10.00 and 11.00.

  • New Mills at the Parade on Market St from 11.30 to 12.25

  • Whaley Bridge outside the station from 12.35 to 13.35

  • Buxton at the Turner Memorial from 14.00 to 15.00

The day will end with drinks and bites in Buxton for all those who make it that far. We'd love for you to join us through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside - together we can make a big splash of Green on Saturday, to help get Kat Boettge, our lead candidate, elected.

See you there!

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