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Green space in Glossop under threat from development

The town of Glossop is well known for its picture-perfect countryside setting. Yet a development is being proposed which threatens to ruin a prominent green space above the town forever.

The Cliffe Road development proposes to put up to 44 houses on the site. Not only will this put even more pressure on a town already being overrun by several other housing developments, it will also devastate the outstanding natural views for local residents and for the children of St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy (see this blog post about how loss of contact with nature can impact children's development).

Aside from very serious concerns about our infrastructure being unable to cope with so many new developments (traffic gridlock will get worse, and there are already limited doctors, dentists and school places), the application also reveals that it will harm the two conservation areas nearby, putting it in conflict with several policies in the National Planning Policy Framework and the Local Plan.

As stated in the Design and Conservation Comments, supplied with the application:

“...the principle of development on this site would cause harm to the setting of the Howard Town Conservation Area and the rural context of the Whitfield Conservation Area. Such a strong form of linear development would act as an unwelcome protrusion in the landscape and interrupt the rural transition from Whitfield, through Cross Cliffe, to the Howard Town Mil complex.”

Glossop simply can't afford to have this prominent green space, as well as two conservation areas, harmed by this development.

See the application for yourself and object to what is being planned here:

Please register your feedback by 26 February

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