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Actions from Hope for Nature conference

On Saturday 19th January, more than 70 people overcame train strikes and braved the snow to come to Bamford village institute and discuss how we can bring back diversity and abundance to the wildlife of our beautiful area.

Participants divided into groups to discuss practical actions that we can take and policies that we can promote to improve our natural environment.

These are the ideas we came up with. We'll be posting a report of the conference very soon.

Community action

  • Compile a directory of groups for all types of action. The directory would be hosted by a neutral organisation such as a university.

  • Replicate Hathersage swift day The Hathersage Swift Group has been pioneering a project with great success in choosing sites and designing boxes, resulting in many swifts nesting around the town each year from April to August. The swift day gave the community the opportunity to get involved practically in setting up boxes. The event was a great example of how to involve people in shared action.

Influencing planning

  • Work on neighbourhood plans through Parish Councils

  • Respond to public consultations

  • Write to your MP or to ministers (DEFRA)

  • Campaigns on social media and in the printed media

Gardening and horticulture

  • Set up an Incredible Edible project

  • Get access to land, for example allotments

  • Rewild gardens

  • You can set up a portable garden using raised beds on stilts. Great for people who are renting.

Rewilding opportunities

  • Seek ecological advice

  • Guerilla rewilding, for example seed bombing to plant wildflowers

  • Establish agreed wilding areas in national parks, for example zones where no grouse shooting is allowed.

  • Encourage people to monitor local pockets of wildlife, for example meadows and ponds

  • Impose a CO2 tax on grouse moors

  • Rewards for activities that increase biodiversity and abundance and mitigate climate change

Farmers and conservation

  • Increase dialogue between farmers and conservationists

  • Involve practitioners in initiatives

  • Local mapping for environmental schemes

  • Promote these elements in a new environment and land management law

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