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Towards a Greener Glossopdale

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

Greens and Labour came together during the general election to support Ruth George. After her stunning victory the two parties are co-operating again. They have jointly organised a half day conference on Saturday September 30th.

Called Towards a Greener Glossopdale it will provide an opportunity for local people to come together to discuss environmental concerns.

Ruth will be present at the start of the conference, alongside High Peak resident and Green Party member Professor Matthew Patterson from The University of Manchester. Matthew will talk about the growing threat of runaway climate change and the need for urgent action to address it, the responsibility of individuals, institutions and government at all levels. Ruth will talk about the work she has already done in Parliament about this and other environmental matters followed by a question and answer session. There will then be an opportunity to participate in workshop discussions about energy and transport, with a range of speakers but also an emphasis on everyone having the opportunity to contribute to discussion and to hear the views of others.

Looking forward to the event Ruth said

I welcome the Greener Glossopdale Conference and am delighted to be taking part. Protecting our environment for our children and future generations is immensely important and it all starts with what we do locally. I have campaigned for sustainable and greener local policies for many years and I will be doing all I can as MP for the High Peak to promoted clean, safe energy and affordable and accessible public transport.

Jane Reynolds, the Green Party candidate who stood down to support Ruth in the General Election, said

The Towards a Greener Glossopdale conference is an important opportunity for people of this area to come together and discuss solutions to environmental problems that are already affecting our lives and our health. I'm looking forward to taking part and hope to exchange ideas about how we can move forward on ideas already introduced in the High Peak Local Plan for efficient and clean public transport and sustainable energy production and use.


The conference starts at 1.00pm on Saturday 30th September at Glossop Labour Club. At 5.00pm the intention is to end the event with picnic at nearby George St woods, a valuable green space in the middle of Glossop.

You can register for the event at eventbrite (Towards a Greener Glossopdale ) or by emailing High Peak Green Party ( or Glossopdale Labour Party ( )

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