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Why I joined the Green Party

We know that human activities are seriously damaging our planet. Of all the crises we face, none compare to the dangers posed by climate change. It must be our top priority. I’m a research scientist working in Industrial Biotechnology. I believe mass adoption of green technology is now the only way to reverse Climate Change.

Slowly, Britain is turning on the renewable energy taps with some wonderful engineering. But we’re aren’t going fast enough to reverse Climate Change. What’s the problem?

Many politicians recognise the importance of Climate Change, though many resist it for absurd reasons. The Paris Agreement is a step in the right direction. Big companies are starting to tackle Climate Change as an existential threat rather than a source of bad PR. We’re getting there, but we must move faster. Each of us must start to see climate change as our problem, m make changes to their lives and, more importantly, tell politicians to get global temperature rises under control. Then the tidal turbines and barrages, wave power and thousands of offshore and onshore wind farms will appear. Electric vehicle infrastructure will be built. Energy saving technologies will be mandatory.

We know how to fix things at a technical level. We need the political will!

Only the Green Party has Climate Change at the heart of its policy, so for me it was the obvious choice. I admit to apprehension before my first meeting. After all, I design GMOs for a living to reduce energy use in chemical manufacturing. I’d met Greens before so I knew the welcome would be warm, but I also knew about their passion. How would my technophilia fly?

I’m pleased to report it went down very well. Nobody tried to make me hug a tree! Regarding the technologies I advocate, ’cautiously receptive’ is the phrase I would use. Informed caution is no bad thing when it comes to new technology. I sense the urgent need for technological solutions is understood within the Green Party even where these technologies challenge traditional Green thinking. Political and commercial alliances will be required that might not sit well with our green ideals. Greens will need to rethink their opposition to some technologies. Tough. By not acting sooner we’ve painted ourselves into a corner. Now pragmatism trumps principles.

Soon everyone will understand Climate Change as nature throws its consequences in their faces. By then it will be too late.

I joined the Green Party as it is the leading environmental light in politics, but I also issue them a challenge. The time for gentle activism is over. Climate Change is now an emergency. We have the remedies, but we need the people to demand their application. We must move faster.

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