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 Water! Water! Event 

Thank you for coming along to our Water!Water! event. We're sure that you found the speakers and the discussion as interesting and inspiring as we did. 

We heard about the dire situation of our waterways and of the situation of water resources globally. But we also heard about the work done by Moors for the Future, restoring the peatlands on Kinder and the successful efforts by River Action and Save Windermere to stop the pollution of our inland waters. Of course, there's so much more to say than could be fitted into one day. 

At the end of the day, many of us were keen to do something in our own area and Phil Frodsham has offered to coordinate efforts to set up a local initiative to protect our waterways. You can contact him at

Matt Staniek from Save Windermere told us about his determined work in raising Environmental Information Requests. This is a good way of starting any local work. You can find out about EIRs and how to make them here

Speakers have allowed us to share the slides that they used during their talks. You can find them here

If you have any problem accessing them, please contact

Matt spoke without slides, so we thought we'd add a link to one of the videos produced by the Save Windermere campaign, that vividly shows the issues he talked about.

Let's work together to save our water!


 - Jane Reynolds and Joanna Collins (coordinators of High Peak Green Party)

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