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High Peak Green Party selects a parliamentary candidate

Robert Hodgetts-Haley has been selected as the prospective parliamentary for the Green party in the High Peak. A local campaigner and businessman Robert stood for election to the borough council earlier this year. He has also been involved in a Glossop campaign to ensure a local woodland remains publicly accessible.

“I’m 26 and run my own fabrication business in Glossop, I was born and raised here. To me, the High Peak is home” he said.

Robert says that climate change is more important than Brexit but that we cannot just ignore the opinions of those who voted to leave the European Union.

“While every other party will be losing their heads over Brexit, we wish to offer up the more pressing issue of climate change. Brexit isn’t a leading cause of Earth’s 6th mass extinction, so as a populus I think we have more important matters to address.

In short, Brexit can only be addressed by the people. Parliament has had its opportunity and has failed to address it for one simple reason; where policy normally splits the left from the right, Brexit splits parties from the inside. The green party will put democracy first, we support a people’s vote including a vote on a deal vs no deal.

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