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 Water! Water! - Discussion event sat 20th January 

Saturday 20th January | 11am - 4pm | New Mills Town Hall

Drought, flooding, pollution, and overuse. Water is in trouble, here and globally. Discuss the problems, their causes and solutions at our event.

Water, water everywhere - and not a drop to drink?

There’s nothing more essential to life on earth than water. Yet there’s a global water crisis. The climate crisis is affecting the distribution of rains, causing flooding and droughts. Dumping of sewage, plastics, and run-off from farming and industry into our waters is devastating water quality and destroying water ecosystems, reducing their natural ability to filter water and mitigate flooding. Many wetland habitats have been lost to urbanisation, agriculture and infrastructure.

What can we do?

Come and discuss this with us.

Speakers include:

  • Natalie Bennett, Green Party Peer

  • Matt Staniek, Zoologist and found of the Save Lake Windermere Campaign and Windermere Lake Recovery C.I.C.

  • Emma Shuttleworth, Senior Lecturer at Manchester University, specialising in natural flood management and restoration of peat lands.

  • Ian Woolverton from River Action, an environmental charity committed to addressing river pollution, particularly that caused by agricultural and food industry practices, and sewage discharge by water companies. River Action have created the Charter for Rivers that lays out actions to be taken to restore the health of our inland waters by 2030.

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