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Vote for a Green voice in Limestone Peak

This week local residents will have a chance to vote for a Green voice on the High Peak Borough Council.

A by-election has been called in the Limestone Peak ward to the north of Buxton (including Dove Holes, Wormhill and Peak Dale), owing to the resignation of the sitting Conservative councillor.

Voting will take place on Thursday 9th November, with polling stations open from 7am to 10pm at:

  • Great Rocks Club, Club House, School Road, Peak Dale

  • Over 60s Club, Hallsteads, Dove Holes

  • The Village Hall, Wormhill, Buxton

Our Green Party candidate, Peter Crook, is looking forward to the challenge of pushing for a different kind of politics. With realistic policies that challenge convention, provide a more secure future for all, and demand more of our council - more co-operation, more transparency, and more support for local people.

As Peter himself says:

"I’m a family man. I’ve worked in industry and as a secondary school teacher. I retired to High Peak in 2011. My home is just outside the southern boundary of Limestone Peak Ward.

I don’t like ceremony and secrecy in government. I respect people for their actions. My actions are based on the need for long-term planning of a sustainable future for our children & our grandchildren. I’m proud to be a member of High Peak Green Party."

Peter's policies include:

The right type of housing in the right place:

  • ensuring existing homes are properly insulated, saving money and energy

  • supporting local businesses that are relevant to the community, such as food shops and a post office.

Safer, healthier streets:

  • calling for 20mph limit on busy residential streets to cut accidents.

  • campaigning for better public transport not more traffic and congestion.

An environment fit to live in:

  • calling for real action to improve air quality.

Real jobs to be proud of:

  • pushing for new jobs in public transport, heating, insulating our homes.

Democracy that works for you

  • ensuring that councillors’ votes are recorded for important decisions so that you can hold us to account.

If you want to support this campaign in any way, please don't hesitate to get in touch by email at:

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