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Standing up for a better future

High Peak Greens are not standing a candidate in the General Election

We are standing up for a better future.

Stand with us on June 8th.

The Green Party has realistic policies for a society that’s fairer, safer, happier and more equal. But we’re facing crises that demand urgent action and our voting system gives us no chance of being elected in High Peak. So, we’re standing aside for a candidate who supports action on climate change and is determined to safeguard our environment, employment rights, and public services in any Brexit negotiations.

Climate change won’t wait

At a time when action on climate change needs to speed up, our government is going backwards. As a result of government decisions, orders for solar installations have fallen 80% since 2015. Instead of investing in new green technologies that would provide clean energy and decent jobs, they are clinging to a dirty past.

Public services must be defended

Public services are underfunded and it’s getting worse. The Tories believe, against all evidence, that public services cannot be efficient. The NHS is recognised as one of the most efficient health services in the world in terms of value for money, but we could soon see a U.S. trade deal that opens the NHS to U.S. providers, despite the fact that the U.S. system is one of the least efficient and most expensive in the world, leaving millions of citizens without health care.

Can you help spread the word? Download the leaflet here.

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