Climate change and clean energy

The climate is changing. The earth is warming up, and there is now overwhelming scientific consensus that it is happening, and human-induced. It's time and long past to act and moving rapidly to 100% clean energy is vital if we are to avoid terrible consequences. 

Driven Grouse Shooting


Grouse shooting is often presented as a country pursuit that supports rural communities, providing jobs and investment. In fact it is a huge cost to the economy, mostly as a result of management practices that cause enormous damage to the environment.  Click here for more



The National Health Service is one of our greatest achievements. For 65 years it has provided a cost effective, universal health service, free at the point of need to all people irrespective of their background, circumstance or ability to pay.

But the last government abolished the legal duty of the government to provide health care and the demolition continues as we see our community hospitals threatened with closure. 

The right to breathe clean air


Illegal levels of air pollution are causing tens of thousands of early deaths in our country. Resident of Mottram, Hollingworth and Tintwistle live with air pollution and heavy lorries on their doorsteps.  An integrated transport policy involving routing HGVs via the M62 and investment in rail and bus services would improve the quality of life of people in our area.