Where your recycling goes.

Does the stuff you put in your recycling bin really get recycled? How is plastic separated from paper, cardboard from drinks cans? A quick answer to the first question is: yes, it really does get recycled. For answers to the second question, read on. The Borough Council Community Select Committee, of which I am a member, recently had a trip to the UPM Material Recovery Facility and paper mill at Shotton, in North Wales. High Peak recycling goes to Waterswallows near Buxton in the first instance and then is taken to Shotton to be separated, before travelling on and being turned into usable material. Our guide told us that High Peak recyclate is relatively good quality, so thanks to everyon

Green Party candidate welcomes chance to fight general election

Green Party candidate for High Peak, Robert Hodgetts-Haley, has welcomed the chance to fight the December general election, despite the election not being the answer to solve the Brexit deadlock. The Green Party believe that the upcoming general election is not the answer to the Brexit deadlock. Instead calling for a Peoples Vote on the Prime Ministers dud deal. Speaking shortly before voting against the bill paving the way for a December election, Green MP Caroline Lucas said “A General Election won’t resolve Brexit … If you want a specific answer on Brexit, you have to ask a specific question. And that’s even more the case with first past the post, which regularly delivers majority governm

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