High Peak declares a climate emergency

At the full council meeting on October 15th, High Peak Borough Council unanimously declared a climate emergency and agreed to set up a working group to determine the actions needed to confront the emergency both in the council's own operations and more widely by working with partners across the High Peak and in our neighbouring local authorities. It was encouraging to hear councillors from all parties not only express their support but also put forward ideas about the actions we need to take. I was glad to hear that councillors accepted that the Local Plan would need to be reviewed . Hopefully this will lead to measurable progress on climate change being included in the plan, for example, m

High Peak Green Party selects a parliamentary candidate

Robert Hodgetts-Haley has been selected as the prospective parliamentary for the Green party in the High Peak. A local campaigner and businessman Robert stood for election to the borough council earlier this year. He has also been involved in a Glossop campaign to ensure a local woodland remains publicly accessible. “I’m 26 and run my own fabrication business in Glossop, I was born and raised here. To me, the High Peak is home” he said. Robert says that climate change is more important than Brexit but that we cannot just ignore the opinions of those who voted to leave the European Union. “While every other party will be losing their heads over Brexit, we wish to offer up the more pressing is

Declare a climate emergency in High Peak

At the council meeting on Tuesday October 15th, High Peak Borough Council will debate a motion to declare a climate emergency. The motion is proposed by Green Party Councillor for Hope Valley, Joanna Collins and seconded by Councillor Jean Todd, Labour councillor for Buxton Central. Cllr Collins says: There is a climate emergency and 97% of the world's climate scientist agree that the changes to the climate are caused by humanity. There is no way to avoid the damaging impact of climate change, but if we act decisively we can still avoid catastrophe. I hope this motion will underpin fast and effective action on climate change and the natural environment, and act as a guide for all future acti

Promoted and published by High Peak Green Party, 16 Davenham Avenue, Buxton, SK 17 6LS

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