Facing the climate emergency with nature's help

It's been a big week for the climate. Extinction Rebellion have been making headlines with their protests in London, the inspirational Greta Thunberg delivered an impassioned and emotional speech to the EU, and David Attenborough’s sobering documentary Climate Change- The Facts, brought the issue of climate breakdown to a more mainstream audience. You can see the full programme here. At the end of Attenborough’s documentary, he spoke about what we can do to tackle climate breakdown. Of course there are many things individuals can be doing, but, in reality there needs to be a systemic change to make our economy work in a way that enhances rather than damages the natural systems that life depe

Why I vote Green

I continue to vote Green because if we don't look after the planet we won't be able to do anything about other issues. What can we do about equality, justice etc etc if we have no planet left on which we can live? The Green party are the only party who clearly acknowledge that this self evident truth exists. Every other political party acts out a version of: " The planet matters but it cannot be our overwhelming priority because we have to sort out issues a ,b and c first." But a, b and c will never be fully sorted and even if they are issues d, e and f will spring up to replace them. The truth is that we either address Green issues as the priority now or we never properly address them. This

Climate emergency

Last year the International Panel on Climate Change issued the stark warning that we have only 12 years to act to limit the catastrophic effects of climate change. We can't avoid the effects completely, because they are already happening. Since then we've seen little response from our government, but many local authorities have declared a climate emergency, passing motions many of which were proposed by Green Party councillors. Up to now, neither Derbyshire County Council nor High Peak Borough Council have declared a climate emergency, though thanks to fantastic work by Transition New Mills and Sustainable Hayfield, New Mills Town Council and Hayfield Parish Council have. You can sign this

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