Help for older people in our communities

Many older people lead active, fulfilling lives well into what could be considered old age. And, as we have read in the media, many are financially more secure than younger people. But while generational inequity undoubtedly exists, many older people, particularly those who are not well-off financially, still have real and specific challenges. Age UK has found that for 3.6 million people aged over 65 live alone and may have the TV as their main source of company. The Jo Cox Commission on loneliness found that loneliness cuts across generations, but lack of mobility, loss of friends and social networks, distant family and feeling ignored or invisible can particularly affect older people. Olde

Getting an education at the Climate Strike

Pulling our children out of school isn't something we do often. But last Friday it felt like it was important. The world is in danger, after all. Scientists have said we have 12 years to limit global warming to prevent extreme weather conditions. And unless we make immediate, drastic changes to the way we live, we'll be facing unprecedented heat, droughts and floods that would impact millions of people. But nobody seems to be listening. Which is why school children across the UK decided to join a growing global movement and protest against the country's inaction. School Strikes 4 Climate Action This movement was inspired by a courageous 16-year old in Sweden, Greta Thunberg, who started prot

Green space in Glossop under threat from development

The town of Glossop is well known for its picture-perfect countryside setting. Yet a development is being proposed which threatens to ruin a prominent green space above the town forever. The Cliffe Road development proposes to put up to 44 houses on the site. Not only will this put even more pressure on a town already being overrun by several other housing developments, it will also devastate the outstanding natural views for local residents and for the children of St Mary's Catholic Voluntary Academy (see this blog post about how loss of contact with nature can impact children's development). Aside from very serious concerns about our infrastructure being unable to cope with so many new dev

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