Our Children are Losing the Experience of Nature

We are becoming estranged from nature. Some 80% of people in the UK live in urban areas and the rest of the world is heading in that direction. Yet, as a species, we evolved in and were moulded by nature - so surely that long million year evolution has left a deep imprint on our inner selves. Can we really cut ourselves off from nature and expect no consequence, whether for ourselves or for our environment? Dan Myers has answered the first part of this question in his article about the importance of nature in personal physical and mental health. And his conclusions are supported by a growing body of research that demonstrates how medical outcomes for patients are greatly enhanced by contact

Inspiring us with Hope for Nature

How healthy is the natural environment in our beautiful Peak District? How can we care for and enhance it? These were the questions that 75 people including members of environmental organisations and farmers' representatives tried to answer at the Hope for Nature conference organised by High Peak Green Party at Bamford Village Institute on January 19th. Speakers were Dr Alex Lees from Manchester Metropolitan University, Tim Birch of Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Natalie Bennett of the Green Party. Following the presentations, participants got together for discussions on practical steps to make our vision of a more diverse and abundant nature a reality. What have we lost? While we are lucky t

Actions from Hope for Nature conference

On Saturday 19th January, more than 70 people overcame train strikes and braved the snow to come to Bamford village institute and discuss how we can bring back diversity and abundance to the wildlife of our beautiful area. Participants divided into groups to discuss practical actions that we can take and policies that we can promote to improve our natural environment. These are the ideas we came up with. We'll be posting a report of the conference very soon. Community action Compile a directory of groups for all types of action. The directory would be hosted by a neutral organisation such as a university. Replicate Hathersage swift day The Hathersage Swift Group has been pioneering a proje

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