Rewilding - Setting nature free

Human beings in general regard nature as something to control and dominate. Even the commonly held western view of having stewardship over nature sees us as separate from nature, looking on from the outside ensuring that nature is happy within its own boundaries. But in reality humans are an integral part of nature and dependent on natural processes for survival, health and wellbeing. Humans have become increasingly estranged from nature. Historically, major religions taught grand ideas of our divine origins that place us outside nature with the right to subjugate her to our will. The industrial revolution strengthened us in our belief that nature could be brought completely under human c


“We envision a country underpinned by well-funded, locally-led public services providing care and support for all - a society rooted in kindness.” Green Party Political Programme Currently, care and support seem horribly lacking for some of the most vulnerable in our society, the homeless. Reports on the rise in homelessness tend to focus on larger towns and cities, but homelessness is not confined to London or Manchester. There are also people with nowhere to live in smaller towns such as Buxton and Glossop, and in the countryside. Locally, we don’t know how many, since High Peak Borough Council is unable to provide figures. Even if we had accurate figures for High Peak, the statistics don’

Affordable housing

Almost 20% of families in High Peak are living in accommodation that does not suit their needs and more than 25% are living in problem housing. Living in substandard housing causes health problems that put an extra burden on an already overstretched NHS. In 2008, High Peak Borough Council identified the need to provide 329 new affordable homes per year, but since then an average of less than 30 affordable homes per year have been built. There’s a lack of affordable housing throughout our country and High Peak is no exception. In fact, in areas of the Peak District that are within the National Park, such as Hope Valley, demand for holiday homes and planning restrictions add to the problem.

Climate change is damaging our health

The Lancet countdown on Health and Climate Change The Lancet medical journal was one of the first to highlight the enormous threat posed to health by climate change, describing it as the single largest public health threat of the century. In 2015, the Lancet Commission on health and climate change made ten policy recommendations, including financing of climate-resilient health systems, encouraging city-level low carbon transition to reduce pollution, and rapidly expanding access to renewable energy. Since then, they have been tracking progress towards achieving these recommendations, using 41 indicators across five domains, publishing the results annually. The latest report has just been pub

The value of protecting recreational space at Roughfields

Just on the edge of the Hadfield and before you get onto the expanse of the Peak District is Roughfields. Leading nicely onto the Longdendale Trail and used extensively by dog walkers, children and the occasional drone flyer, it is a recreational site which is appreciated by local people. However, it is also listed on the 2016 High Peak Borough Council local plan as a potential neighbourhood development. And although it does not currently have any planning applications pending for the site it could potentially be developed in the near future. I wanted to add some context on why it should not be developed or could even be slightly improved. Balancing the ever-increasing housing needs with peo

Green Space and Exercise for Mental Health

The GREAT Outdoors It’s estimated that at least one in four adults have experienced a mental health problem in this country, and scarily, that figure is about one in ten for children. There are no simple cures in many cases, but there are a great many effective methods of management. As an outdoor based Personal Trainer, I have worked with several clients diagnosed with depression and anxiety over the years, so although my experiences are largely anecdotal here, the effect of being outdoors combined with exercise is strongly encouraging from my perspective. Not that this is new information of course. Studies all across the world for quite some time have shown that regular, moderate exercise

Book Review: Designing Regenerative Cultures

Much has been written about the destructive nature of our society and of the multiple crises that plague our every day lives and that threaten our future existence on Earth. While acknowledging these crises and firmly placing them at humanities doorstep Daniel Wahl in Designing 'Regenerative Cultures' considers how we can move from our current state towards a better future for all life on Earth. At the heart of his analysis is the fact that our cultures have allowed people to believe that we stand apart from nature and the living Earth - that at best we hold stewardship over the Earth and at worst we have a God given right to exploit all the fruits of the Earth. This attitude of separatenes

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