Fire on Saddleworth Moor

The fire still burning on Saddleworth Moor is not in High Peak itself. But it is close enough to make us worry: we have many similar moors in the borough, and given the high temperatures and exceptionally dry conditions, it could have readily been on Kinder or Bleaklow, with arguably even more destructive consequences. The need for a sharp ‘transition’ in how we manage our moors and hills has been made ever more evident with the current fire. For us in High Peak Green Party, George Monbiot has hit the nail on the head in showing how the current fire is the inevitable result of the way the moors are managed to serve the grouse shooting industry. Water is drained off the moors, keeping vegetat

Waste Not!

Earlier this year, a zero waste conference in Capannori in Tuscany, Italy was attended by more than 100 people from all over Italy - and one from Buxton (me). I'd heard about the conference through the European Zero Waste network and was really curious about the amazing increase of zero waste local authorities in Italy. I'd lived in Italy for several years, and during that time there were continual crises of waste management, the most infamous being the Naples where rubbish stood in the streets for months amid popular anger at toxic waste being dumped on their doorstep. Naples and several other cities that suffered in the crisis have started a policy of moving towards zero waste, and many

Where do all those old clothes go?

“In 2013 the UK was home to 6 billion items of clothing, roughly a hundred per adult; a quarter of these never leave the wardrobe.” (Frank Trentmann, Empire of Things). Every now and again you may go through your clothes and throw a bundle into the bin outside the supermarket or take it to the Oxfam shop. You see the clothes, neatly lined up and labelled, hanging in the shops. You might buy something yourself, pleased to have found a bargain, contributed to a good cause and helped recycling. Of course, that’s likely to be better for the environment than buying a new garment. But nothing’s simple. Perhaps you’ve wondered why there are always plastic bags of clothes waiting to be unpacked in c

A neighbourhood development plan for Buxton

Under the Localism Act and the National Planning Policy Framework, all local authorities have to create a local plan for building development in their area. Ours is the High Peak local plan, which is a statutory document, adopted in 2016 for 15 years. As part of this towns, parishes and defined neighborhoods within that local authority area can create their own neighborhood plans, which fill in the detail within the local plan and have to take it into account. The neighborhood plan would cover developing land for housing, employment, retail, education and employment and would provide the missing voice in the plan – the wishes of the local community! If there is no local plan, the government

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