We need a sustainable housing policy

Housing was supposedly the centrepiece of this week's budget with the homelessness crisis deepening every day. Unfortunately, the measures announced barely scratch the surface of the problem - and some of the measures may make the situation worse. Yes, we can welcome moves to combat the practices of using homes as a money store that has led to many homes deliberately left empty and of land-banking where land with planning permission is traded multiple times, often over long periods of time, before building starts. But, in the end, the government are continuing with policies that are feeding the housing bubble. In the past, housing benefit bought more social housing. Now it goes into landlo

Climate Alliance - local, holistic, sustainable action on climate change

Think Global – Act Local’ E.F Schumacher Local and regional Governments find themselves increasingly at the forefront in the battle against the impacts of climate change. While national governments continue to prevaricate and placate the big money interests, City and Regional Authorities are left to clean up the mess of storms, floods and fires and manage the impacts of drought and heat waves. No amount of denial can enable a City Mayor or Council to avoid the reality of flooded streets, damaged property and rising mortality rates. After a disaster, people want action to rebuild their lives quickly, and assurance that the authorities are ready in the event of further disruptive events. F

Vote for a Green voice in Limestone Peak

This week local residents will have a chance to vote for a Green voice on the High Peak Borough Council. A by-election has been called in the Limestone Peak ward to the north of Buxton (including Dove Holes, Wormhill and Peak Dale), owing to the resignation of the sitting Conservative councillor. Voting will take place on Thursday 9th November, with polling stations open from 7am to 10pm at: Great Rocks Club, Club House, School Road, Peak Dale Over 60s Club, Hallsteads, Dove Holes The Village Hall, Wormhill, Buxton Our Green Party candidate, Peter Crook, is looking forward to the challenge of pushing for a different kind of politics. With realistic policies that challenge convention, provide

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